Vending machines have a reputation for offering junk food to people who are craving an afternoon snack or don’t have immediately access to a store or restaurant. They are considered a food alternative that is extremely unhealthy but better than starving. However, the vending industry is changing. Here are some healthy choices you will soon see in a vending machine near you. 

Fresh Fruit

Now you can buy fresh items like apples, bananas and oranges straight from a vending machine. Simply feed the machine your coins and touch a button to send a piece of fresh produce rolling down a shoot and into your hands. 

Fresh Veggies

You know that snacking on celery sticks and carrots is much better for you than scarfing down a bag of potato chips, but fresh vegetables are not often available in a pinch. Modern vending machines are now being stocked with bags of fresh veggies that often include a dressing for dipping. 

Salad in a Jar recently reported on a company called Farmer’s Fridge that packs fresh salads into a jar and sells them in a vending machine in Chicago. 

The salads are built upside down to keep greens dry. They include nutritious ingredients like fresh spinach, blueberries, quinoa and kale. Consumers simply open the jar to enjoy a delicious, healthy salad. 

Nutrition Bars

Many vending machine operators are seeing the value in adding nutrition bars to items for sale in addition to candy bars. While eating a candy bar in the afternoon can give you an energy burst, the downside is the spike and then drop in your blood sugar that can leave you feeling limp. Replace that candy bar with a protein bar or other nutritious alternative and you can rev up your energy without torturing your body’s blood sugar levels. 


Up until recently the only dairy item commonly found in a vending machine was chocolate milk. Now consumers can get nutritious dairy options like yogurt and cheese. 

The protein from dairy can help get you over an afternoon slump, and yogurt is packed with probiotics to keep your digestive system running smoothly. 

Healthy Beverages

While bottled water is typically an option in a traditional vending machine, sodas and sugary juices make up the rest of the beverage choices. Now you can get waters infused with healthy vitamins and minerals as well as drinks like coconut water and fruit smoothies. 

Vending machines are changing as the public insists on healthier alternatives. Click here for more info about vending machines today to see what you can find.