So, you have a clutch of good friends with whom happy hour is a regular event. Or perhaps you’ve reconnected with a few girls from your school days. Alternatively, you might have family coming in from out of town, and it’s your turn to entertain grandma. Whatever the situation, you want to socialize with the ladies in your life. Try one of the ideas below for bonding with the ladies.

Visit An Art Exhibit

One option is going to the local art museum and enjoying works by the masters. Indeed, museums quite often host specially curated exhibits that you can see only once in a lifetime.

Another option is attending exhibits put on by local art galleries. First Fridays have a long-standing tradition for art openings. With their growing popularity, galleries often host third Friday, final Friday and even second Saturday events. Typically they serve beverages and light appetizers. Additionally, the artists are usually on-hand to discuss their work. If you’re hosting women who enjoy art – or wine and cheese – such events are great conversation starters.

Enjoy High Tea

Tea is a staple in England, and afternoon tea consists of a light snack in British culture. High tea, on the other hand, is also referred to as “meat tea” because of the substantial nature of the meal, according to What’s Cooking America. Typical foods for a high tea include cold meats with pickles, cheese on toast, poached eggs and toasted crumpets in addition to a selection of delicious pastries.

Take your friends or family members for a high tea service, such as Clumzy Clover Teas & Treasures. Naturally, it should replace a meal, either lunch or dinner. You’ll have a fun time discovering the traditions associated with having tea as the focus of a meal.

Take A Class

There’s nothing like learning something new to get the talking started. Add to that some wine, and you and the ladies will be giggling your way through the evening. Sip and paint parties have grown in popularity for just that reason. Artists host a painting class in a local venue that serves wine. The artist shows you basics of painting while you and your friends sip wine and follow along.

A different version of this event is attending a class in a bar. In these venues, you and your guests have access to a full bar and even food while you attempt to follow the instructions for completing a project.

So, as your turn to host the ladies comes about, think about a new event to spark conversation. High tea, a class or an art exhibit provide not only opportunity for conversation, but the fodder for it.