5 Great Gifts For Dads

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Fathers can be the most difficult member of the family to buy gifts for. Some fathers have pricey tastes while others seem to already own everything they could possibly want. Dads also aren’t always vocal about what they want when it comes to gifts. Luckily, there are a few great gift ideas that will always make Dad smile. Here are five of the best: Themed T-Shirts On the weekends, every father likes to relax with a favorite T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Pick up a couple shirts that you know he’ll like. Go for shirts that show a bit of personality. For instance, any sports fan will appreciate a T-shirt depicting his favorite sports team. Likewise, a science fiction/fantasy dad will love any shirt that depicts his favorite TV show or movie. Membership/Gift Cards Gift cards are always a fantastic gift for fathers. You have a myriad of options here. One idea is to pick up a gift card for his favorite restaurant, book store, movie theater, sporting goods store, or electronic store. Another idea is to purchase a membership card for his favorite sports club/gym. Fathers aren’t always great about spending money on themselves, so sometimes it’s a good idea to pamper them with something you know they’ve always wanted. Movies What dad doesn’t enjoy movies? Find out his favorite movie genre and browse his movie collection to see what he already has. Pick out some titles that he doesn’t have or that he’s talked about. TV series on DVD/Blu-ray are also a great idea. Every father has a favorite TV show or two they’d love to own. Office/Room Accessories Most fathers love collecting accessories and memorabilia depicting their favorite hobbies. If that special father in your life is a hockey fan, for example, you can pick out a hockey jersey wall hanging, a statue of his favorite player, or a desktop photo showcasing the victory of a big game. Summer Sausage Gift Sets If there’s one thing that always warms the heart of any dad, it’s food. Food gifts are always a great idea for any man in your life, but one food gift that’s especially perfect is a gift set with beef summer sausages, various types of cheeses, and crackers. Some of these sets include other goodies like candies, pastries, and even homemade mustard sauces. These gift sets are generally fairly inexpensive and are a feast fit for a king. When coming up with gift ideas for that special father, it’s always smart to think about his favorite hobbies and past times. Choose from the above gift ideas or use them to brainstorm for other ideas of your own. With a little creative thinking you’re...

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Relive Your Beach Vacation With These Tips For Tasty Shrimp

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One of the great things about taking a vacation to the beach is all the great seafood restaurants that abound. Whether you have a grouper sandwich at a coffee shop or lobster and oysters at an upscale restaurant, you’ll never run out of options for fresh, delicious seafood. While restaurants on the beach seem to have a magic touch when it comes to making seafood delicious, there’s no reason you can’t replicate the same results at home. Shrimp, for instance, is fairly easy to make. Start out with the freshest shrimp you can find and follow these simple instructions. Prep The Shrimp While you don’t necessarily need to remove the skin before you cook and serve shrimp, it makes them easier to eat. To remove the skin, grab it near the legs and pull it apart. If you start at the legs, it will be easy to slip off. Next, you want to devein the shrimp. This involves removing the long black strip that runs down the shrimp’s back. Use a sharp knife and make a tiny slit above the vein with just the tip of the knife. You can then rinse out the vein under running water or scrape it out with the knife tip. Cook Shrimp Quickly The secret to juicy and tender shrimp is to cook it quickly. If you cook it too long, it will get tough and chewy. It only takes a couple of minutes to cook shrimp. The exact time depends on the size of the shrimp. You can tell shrimp is cooked all the way through when the insides turn opaque. You can also test for doneness by holding the shrimp by the head with its tail pointing up. Stretch out the tail and let go. If the tail bounces back into a curl, the shrimp is done. Try Various Cooking Methods You can cook shrimp in a variety of ways. You can steam, boil, fry, or grill the shrimp. Each cooking method affects the taste of your meal. Grilling imparts a nice smoky flavor. If you want to grill the shrimp, it’s best to use skewers. Keep the shrimp in a curled shape and pass the skewer through the head and tail to hold them in place. Be sure to flip the shrimp half way through the cooking time, so both sides are grilled nicely. Shrimp can be seasoned with flavored oils, pepper, Cajun seasoning, butter, or any spices and oils you desire. If you don’t have access to fresh shrimp, you can always buy frozen shrimp at your grocery store. Be sure to thaw it before cooking, so it develops the best texture. When you buy shrimp, match the size...

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How To Choose The Right Range For Your Kitchen

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If you need to acquire an industrial kitchen range, either for personal or business purposes, then you will probably want to learn about the different options available. Here is a brief guide to help you select the perfect range for you or your business. Style One of the most common type of range in the United States is known as the freestanding range. This variety is characterized by flat sides and backs, and does not require a complex installation. It fits easily within recessed areas and can easily be moved on a whim. Unlike other styles, freestanding ranges do not require adjacent furniture. Slide-in ranges are another popular style. These require an opening between two cabinets due to the unfinished nature of their back and sides. They are intended to be added in a modular fashion to pre-planned kitchens. Their name is derived from the mechanism of their installation, which is to be slid into the gap horizontally. The counterpart of slide-in ranges are drop-in ranges. While the prior variety is installed horizontally, drop-in units are intended to descend vertically into the opening. Like slide-in ranges, these units require adjacent cabinets or other furniture. However, drop-in ranges also need a baseboard to rest on. These units tend to have the most difficult installation process, so keep that in mind if you are planning on purchasing a drop-in range. The final popular style is the professional range. While there are many subcategories of professional ranges, they do have several features in common. They tend to be more expensive, heavier, and more versatile than other variants. They are similar to slide-in ranges because they have finished backs and sides, which allows for easy installation. These units closely resemble commercial ranges used in restaurant kitchens worldwide. Heating surface Once you have decided on the style of range, you will need to select the heating method. The most common ones are: Electric: cheap electric models will use coils, while higher-end models use conductive surfaces. Different materials such as ceramic or metal will have different associated prices, advantages, and disadvantages. Gas: through the use of natural gas, gas burners burn open flames as a source of heat. Gas ranges are known for more accurate heating than electric options, which results in perfectly cooked food. Dual: while most expensive than the other two options, these units incorporate the best of gas and electric heating, combining the accuracy of gas with the safety of electricity. For more information in range types, contact a supplier like K & D Factory Service...

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