Whether it is a loved one’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas, you can’t go wrong buying them gourmet chocolates as a gift. Not only is it a sweet gesture, chocolate has a number of health benefits, including antioxidants, plenty of fiber and brain support. If you really want to go for a winning gift, you should consider a nice pairing to go with the gourmet chocolate. In that regard, read this guide to help you understand some of the best items to pair with high-quality, gourmet chocolate. 

#1: A Gourmet Cheese Tray

When you present your box of chocolate, consider adding a gourmet cheese tray to go with it. If you’re purchasing quality gourmet chocolates, it’s important to also purchase the best cheeses to go along with it. Cheeses like bleu cheese, Gouda and Monterey jack are excellent choices to think about when putting together your cheese tray. The savory, somewhat salty flavor that comes with these cheeses will add a nice element to the chocolate. Nuts also pair well with cheese, so consider purchasing some gourmet chocolate pieces that contain nuts like almonds or peanuts. 

#2: A Nice Bottle Of Wine

If you are putting together a gift basket with your chocolates, make sure that you select a bottle of wine that goes well with the type of chocolate that you are purchasing. For instance, a light red or dessert wine will pair well with any milk chocolate combination. If you are giving them dark chocolate, you would do well to pair it with a wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz wine. If you are purchasing a gourmet chocolate piece with chile or other spices, red wines like Port are excellent to balance out the hint of spice in the chocolate.

#3: A Meat Recipe

Since you’re celebrating a special occasion, it calls for an early dessert. Your gourmet chocolate selection will pair well with the saltiness of meats, such as pork or braised beef. There are recipes for barbecue ribs that even include chocolate in the recipe. The sweetness of the chocolate provides an impeccable balance to the savory flavor of the meat, and allows you to whip up a delicious dinner that celebrates the occasion. 

Consider these combinations as you shop around for your gourmet chocolate. If you have any further questions about proper pairings, don’t hesitate to ask your gourmet chocolate company.