Every bride wants their day to be special, but in order to make it a grand event, you are going to have to put out some money.Many vendors will increase the costs as soon as they hear the word wedding. The average wedding in the United States cost about $26,444. For many couples, the idea of paying over $20,000 for a one day event can be overwhelming. If you are planning a simple backyard wedding, you are already on the track to spending much less than a couple who is going married in a remote location. To help save even more money, here are some tips to help you get started planning your wedding within budget. 

Feed Your Guests BBQ

BBQ is one of the cheapest meals you can feed a lot of people with. Instead of spending tons of money on steak and seafood, opt for bone-in meat. By choosing meat with the bone in it, you can save a lot of money. Not only are you looking at saving money, but meat with the bone in it is less likely to get dry. This is great if the meat is going to be sitting for a while. Another great thing about choosing to BBQ is that you can stock up on charcoal when you find a good price. Charcoal doesn’t expire so you can keep it for a while and even use the leftovers later. If you want to spice it up a little, add some of your favorite rubs to the meat. This can help add this special touch. To learn more, contact a BBQ catering company like Great Caterers of Iowa

Choose an Alternative Day

Majority of couples get married on Saturdays which can make it hard to book vendors. Some vendors will remain booked on Saturdays, especially during wedding season. In order to save on some of your wedding costs for your big day, you want to check and see if a vendor would be willing to give a discount if you have your wedding on another day. Other days don’t tend to get booked up so you will be able to negotiate the price much easier. 

Skip the Wedding Cake

Having a wedding cake is traditional, but it is not necessary. If you are looking for ways to skip on some of the costs you are incurring, try coming up with a cheaper dessert. Backyard weddings are much less traditional than church weddings so you can go a different route for the cake. Choose a cobbler with fruit out of a family member’s garden or serve cupcakes and ice cream instead.