If you consider yourself an adventurous eater and you love seafood, why not try branching out into some new and interesting options you can prepare at home? From live sea urchins to monkfish, here are some unique seafood options you can try at home.

Sea urchins

Believe it or not, this prickly sea creature is a delightful delicacy you can buy fresh (and live!) to prepare at home. A Japanese delicacy, the succulent meat inside the sea urchin’s spiny exterior is tender and full of delicious flavor. You simply crack the creature open, much like you would with crab or oysters, and scoop out the tender orange gonad sections within. You can turn sea urchin innards into delicious sushi or to make a paste mixed with your favorite spices served over rice. Sea urchin gonads can be broiled once they are scooped out raw.

You can buy live fresh sea urchins at your local Japanese or Korean markets. Choose stiff-spined specimens for your consumption. Store the live sea urchins in your refrigerator on a damp towel until you are ready to consume them.


Both freshwater and saltwater eels are commonly consumed in some cultures around the globe, and served fillet-style, are a vitamin-rich seafood delicacy you can enjoy in your home. Buy fresh live eel or freshly-packed local eel from your Japanese or fresh seafood market. Fresh eel should have clear eyes and a non-milky surface to the skin. You can try a European favorite with eel by searing it in a delicious red pepper flake and flour mix, then serving it over white rice.


Monkfish can be found fresh at a seafood market like San Diego Whole Sea Foods, and is a deliciously meaty fish that is fun to prepare. This big-headed, monstrous fish has only one edible part— the tail– and filleted and broiled in butter and garlic or lemon, is tasty fare you can enjoy with any meal. When buying monkfish, look for bright white meat that is lacking any slimy substance for the freshest cut and best-tasting meat. All gray or black membranes should be removed from the tail prior to cooking.

If you love seafood and want to try something new, don’t be afraid to visit your local seafood market to pick up some new specimens to try. Whether you want to take on the rich delicacy of sea urchin or you want to try the meaty and delicious monkfish, you can venture out with your seafood fare and have amazingly great meals to try.